It is the reaction of the strength of impact, between the water that comes out from the impeller and the surface of the water, that makes your jet ski moving. The strength developed at the exit of your impeller will set in motion easier a 400kg jet ski than a 650kg loaded boat.

But the RPM of your personal watercraft will be the same, the dynamic change only.

Thanks to our compatibility kits for each jet ski brand and our Boatbuckle strap system, the Wave Boat is compatible with all Yamaha, Seadoo (except Spark), Kawasaki Ultra and 15F models. This patented system keeps perfectly the jet into the boat and prevents from cavitation. You want to switch from a jet ski model or brand to an other, but keep your Wave Boat ? No problem, just change your compatibility kit and you’ll be ready to go!

Approved as a class C boat, the Wave Boat allows you to navigate in the areas before prohibited to jet-skis.  With the Wave Boat, widen your playground from the sea to inland waters. Switch, anywhere, from a familial to a sportive navigation within few secondes. Conceived as a proper boat the WB floats perfectly without the jet-ski.

A Wave Boat is not only a boat, it is a boat propelled by a jet ski. While on a random hull, you are propelled by a classic boat engine, with the Wave Boat your engine is a real toy, an adrenaline machine.

It takes you 30 seconds only to set free your PWC from the Wave Boat and let talk the power and reactivity of your jet-ski.

Thanks to its propulsion by propeller, the Wave Boat offers an incomparable comfort of navigation : the safety of an engine with secured propeller, a low draft, and immediate power and an uncomparable maneuverability

And because at Sealver we offer you the best of both worlds, do not remain trapped by a single engine, offer you the choice to evolve according the latest trends.